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Uh oh...who let the ban hammer fall? We did. But we're also here to help you lift it.

Welcome to FalconEye™ Atlas

FalconEye™ Atlas is a private, enterprise-grade anti-cheat solution for GTA V. If you've been banned by Atlas in one of our protected communities, submit a ban appeal below.

Banned by Atlas? Don't worry, we're committed to transparency and fairness. Our automated ban appeal system ensures that your request is promptly directed to the appropriate community owner. While we welcome and encourage all unban requests, it's important to note that the final decision to grant an unban rests solely with the community where the infraction occurred.

For those seeking top-of-the-line private VPN services safeguarded against DDoS attacks, or who wish to explore our powerful bare metal hosting options with advanced DDoS protection on a lightning-fast 12Tbps network, we invite you to click the button above to learn more.