How does FalconEye Networks defend against DDoS attacks?

FalconEye Uses Artificial Intelligence to Block DDoS Attacks at the Edge Layer

How We Do It

We've spent the last year analyzing attack traffic from some of the largest gaming networks in GTA V. Through strategic partnerships and proprietary source code, we've created a product called FalconEye AI that can automatically detect and block virtually all Layer 3-7 DDoS attacks targeted at gaming communities. With direct API communication to our edge switches, FalconEye AI can issue commands to start mitigation over to our partners, instantly blocking the attack and allowing your players to stay connected. This self-contained mitigation technology analyzes every single packet that enters our network and makes split second decisions to determine if traffic should be allowed. This decision is based on millions of historical packet attack data that has been supplied to the AI.

Extreme Circumstances Require Extreme Measures

In extreme circumstances when our systems are unable to defend against an attack, FalconEye AI will shift traffic through Path.Net - one of our mitigation partners. Path has deployed one of the largest Layers 3 through 7 monitoring and mitigation platforms. Combining a global anycast network with the power of Stateful Mitigation, Path Network has become the new industry standard in DDoS mitigation. 

FalconEye Networks utilize an Anycast network when distributing traffic across our proxy nodes.  We configure private BGP over GRE tunnels to communicate to over 60 devices globally within our network that assist in defending against large-scale attacks. FalconEye AI can intelligently send traffic to any of our proxy nodes and re-route traffic automatically to ensure players stay connected. We partner with several global data center partners to provide services to our customers. Hetzner, OVH, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Hivelocity are a few of our partners.

Under Attack? We Can Help!

We've certainly been there. On a Friday/Saturday night, your game server and community are loaded with active players looking for a great time with their friends. Unfortunately, some bad actor decides to send a DDoS attack against your server, disconnecting all your players. Sometimes these attacks can last for hours, hurting your community members and impacting their play experience.

We know how painful this can be. This is why we started FalconEye Networks, to assist you and your team with the proper protection to keep your community up and operational during the toughest times. We offer full custom solutions to protect your community. Our team of experts will sit with you and your team for a full consultation on how FalconEye AI, combined with custom server hardening, will help keep your community secure and ensure your servers stay accessible to your players. 

Is Your GTA: V Server Being Modded? Red Rabbit Can Help!

On a daily average, FalconEye Red Rabbit for GTA V, our private and fully customized anti-cheat, issues out punishments to over 500+ players per day. When you think volume, that's over 15,000 punishments a month! Tried and tested on one of the largest GTA V communities today - California Roleplay, Red Rabbit is fully optimized to handle well over 300+ players without adding lag to your player experience.

One of our biggest complaints and why we chose to develop our own anti-cheat was due to the majority of the options available were not able to handle this size of player count. If a community scales and grows, the current anti-cheat offerings on the market today have had issues with lag and a significant impact to FPS performance for players. Through our partnerships with LUA developers, we've been able to continue to optimize our code and enhance it for the latest mod menu detections. Through our community outreach tactics, we are delivered the latest Mod Menu functions for GTA V before they become popular and widely available. We consistently keep our anti-cheat updated to ensure the communities we support are protected from the latest threats. 

Next-Gen AI Powered Discord Security

FalconEye Networks has created a Discord security solution, a bot Trio - Watcher, Guardian, Poseidon that leverages a combination of open-source code and over 20,000 lines of custom Python and Javascript to provide the best level of protection to your community. These systems talk to each other and connect back into our in-game integrations including our FalconEye AI servers. FalconEye AI analyzes every comment that is made in every channel across your entire Discord. If a comment is deemed offensive in nature or is against your community guidelines, our systems engage to delete and alert your management team to take action. FalconEye also protects you from rogue staff members, taking immediate action to prevent destruction of your Discord community.

In addition, FalconEye Networks has analyzed and defended large-scale Discord RAID attacks by using comment analysis processed by Google's Perception AI. Our systems are constantly watching, ready to take action the second a member of your staff team goes rogue or you receive a massive influx of bots spamming your community. We can help you setup or improve your existing gaming community by protecting you from insider threats. Our systems will automatically take action and defend your Discord with no staff intervention. Partner with us today to see why FalconEye AI can give you visibility and insights into your community that you've been missing.

Contact Our Engineers Today

We are your sole source to receive the knowledge and support you need to run your gaming community securely and successfully. Stop getting taking down during prime time, let us help you achieve success from our experience analyzing attack vectors to offer you products and solutions that are unique and not available anywhere else. Our engineers have been in and out of gaming communities for years and have a combined 100+ years of experience to help you combat and conquer some of the most sophisticated attacks seen to date. With experience in CloudFlare, AWS, Google Cloud, OVH, Hetzner, Zap-Hosting and many others, we are able to assist you regardless of your hosting provider.

See our full network in-use today protecting California Roleplay and several other communities. We are here to help you succeed! Open a client account in our online portal and submit a ticket to get your consultation underway.

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